About Us


Bruce has over 30 years experience as a DJ. Ten years ago, Bruce combined his extensive DJ experience, his love and passion for music and his working knowledge of the nostalgic Wurlitzer Jukebox and started Groovytunes.

Groovytunes rents out Jukeboxes to various restaurants, diners and bars for their customers to enjoy. Groovytunes also specializes in renting Jukeboxes for all types of parties, including, Birthdays, Weddings, Buck & Does, Anniversaries, Bridal Showers, Corporate Events, etc. Groovytunes will customize the Jukebox to the music genre of each specific event which makes it unique!

Groovytunes has an extensive music library of over 4000 CD's and over 50,000 songs which help make the nostalgic Wurlitzer Jukebox an amazing virtual DJ for your event!



"My my, hey hey

Rock and roll is here to stay

It's better to burn out

Than to fade away

My, my, hey hey."

Neil Young